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In December 2022 I was one of the recipients of the Voices With Impact grant to create this short film, exploring the effect of climate change on mental health. This film will premiere at the VWI Film Festival in Summer 2023.


Hairmageddon is an animated short film that deals with one of the frustrations of living under quarantine in 2020.

I this project done with the Motion Miracles studio.


An award winning stop motion film series created and directed by Irushi Tennekoon exploring the lives of several accomplished Sri Lankan women.

I worked on this project as an animator and fabricator.


My first animated film, created in 2017 at NYU, Tisch.

A little demon boy unwittingly crosses a forbidden border and encounters an enchanted guardian of the human world. This film was inspired by Sri Lankan tradition and superstition and explores the attitude of humanity towards the non-human world.


A music video created for the artist Q in 2022.

The artist, after not receiving her due after a performance decides to go claim it herself with her cat Olly by her side.


An animatic created in two weeks for SVA's MFA Visual Narrative program in Summer 2022.

A vampire attempts to save the life of a dying human child by giving her the gift of immortality. However they are unprepared to deal with a child with an uncontrollable thirst for blood.

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